Easy steps on how to log into Eduplus Parents Portal


  1. Hello I am struggling to log into the sims website, even though I have previously logged in earlier this year. And when I try to reset the password the system still gives me an error and tells me it cannot connect to the site. So to whom can I can I talk if i need to either get my log-in credentials or reset my password As I cannot remember whether I had changed my password when I logged in the first time this year. Thank you

  2. I suggest that the class teachers create WhatsApp groups for each class…

  3. Im able to log in or register as its say the email is already on the system

    tried using my cell number same thing , but when i log in than its says this credentials do not existed.


  4. Hello i am struggling to long in despite entering all correct details. What should I do? Its saying “missing-input-response”

  5. I’m also struggling to log in….it says the content was reset!

  6. I’m also struggling to log in….it says the content was reset! What do i do?

  7. I’m struggling to logg in it says credentials not existed

  8. Please tell me where can I get this WhatsApp group for grade 3 green and grade 6 white I have to kids Name: Hamakali Alves grade 3 green and Hamakali Alex grade 6 white we struggle to find any
    my contact number 0823991244
    My WhatsApp number 0814005786

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