Extra Curricular Activities

Culture at Sunshine Private School is fun and inspire students’ imagination in safe and inclusive ways. As the children participate in art, drama and music classes, we aim to bring out the natural talent that is in each child.

Art & ceramics

During Art the students are given the opportunity to experience a wide variety of skills and also become acquainted with the language of art and its concepts. Drawing, painting and printing on various surfaces, creating collages and constructions are all part of the fun. In ceramics everyone enjoys building their imaginative ideas using clay to develop their ability to create wonderful sculptures and interesting objects. The art programme extends this cultural experience in our pottery studio where sills with the electric wheels are explored. In the art centre we aim to give students a solid grounding in as many media as is possible as well as a love for the creative experience – enjoying the journey is important.


The grade 4 – 7 learners get opportunities in school plays or Carol service performances, class assemblies and also little group sketches. A wide variety of productions is available to the learners. Our productions are performed by either the drama group or annually we have a school production which involves each and every learner from the school, the drama- , art- and music teachers.


The class music is incorporated in the daily school timetable. The lower primary (grade 1 – 3) visits the music room twice a week for 30 minutes and the upper primary (grade 4 – 7) only once a week. During these lessons, learners are introduced to the basic elements of music (reading and writing notation) as well as discussing famous composers of the different classical eras and given the opportunity to play on percussion instruments. Learners have the opportunity to do piano or recorder lessons. The school has a junior and senior choir that practice twice a week. They take part in numerous concerts held in Windhoek. The highlights of the concert year is the annual participation at the ATKV Applous regions (both choirs received GOLD in 2014), the END of year concert and the Carol service.