Sunshine adopts new innovative technology to enhance teaching, learning during COVID-19

With uncertainty hanging over the opening of schools, Sunshine Private group of schools has made plans to ensure that learners will resume lessons in the comfort of their homes.

The school holiday, which was decided on after Namibia recorded its first case of Covid-19, started on 16 March and ends on 17 April, as per the regulations of the state of emergency. The Ministry of education set the opening of schools on the 20th of April but only through technology.

Sunshine Private School is determined to actively lead and charge forward in using technology and to facilitate learning during the COVID 19 pandemic and exploring different aspects of education while preparing students for college, career and entrepreneurship.

The school’s administration recognises how the digital revolution is reshaping the education industry and are adopting tools and technology for 21st century students.

Mrs Nomakando Kangira, Director of Sunshine Group of Schools described the move as reaching greater heights by continually pressing on the upward way.

She also acknowledged that teachers, students, parents and all our stakeholders are ready and curious to forge ahead with our Eduplus technology already in our system and unique in Namibia developed by an expert Cuthbert Mufahore.

The Project Coordinator at the Primary School is Mr Shonhiwa Bakare (0816495143) and at the Secondary and Tertiary School is Mr David Muchechetere (0812154579) . We have already started unrolling the education platform to teachers in order to provide interactivity and simulation in various fields in a manner easy for students to understand and apply.

The e-learning platform developed by Cuthbert Mufahore’s Sims Connect Technology is one of the many ways the school is making inroads in the technology sector and marks the beginning of what can aptly be described as a “technology explosion”.

Let us all embrace this new development together and reach greater heights.


  1. This will b really good for our kids as parents we don’t want them to loose out on their school work, especially when they are bored at home, this will keep them busy.

  2. Thank you for your forward thinking madam managing director and the team. It may be necessary for the school to write a letter to whom it may concern or the law enforcement personnel requesting permission for learners who went out side Windhoek to allowed entry back to Windhoek where it is most convenient for e-learning to take place.

    1. Thanx a lot,much appreciated.

  3. Thank you for the information and prompt introduction of E-learning

    1. We take note of this information however some parents are not in possession of internet and smart goob and the school must come up with plan b to assist those parents.

  4. What about us without internet access at home and will the school provide educational tools and is it in place yet??

    1. This is good initiative however, how do we make sure that everyone is aboard? The issue of availability is good but if not everybody can access, then it’s a problem. I also hope it will be something i can download on the laptop or hard drive because watching over Internet is costly.

      Thank you,

  5. Thlets embrace the new innovative approach ,however is discriminatory to some stakeholders especially vulnerable learners who finds it difficult to access internet.

  6. Its a very good idea but what will happen to the learners that have traveled to the north or out of Windhoek for holidays?

  7. I fully support the effort and the idears. Thank you for that.

  8. Good idea but some learners will not have full support during the program as their parents are at work

    Learners without internet access will be left out.

    Provisions for those who traveled to come back would be a good idea

  9. This is good initiative….. thank you

  10. This is excellent! We all need to brace up and move with the times. Yes, we are all concerned about our disadvantaged parents and children. It is all our responsibility to come up with possible ideas on how best to get them on board. We hope the EduPlus platform is also accessible to anyone with at least a Smart Phone, of which most parents and and guardians do have. Even those outside Windhoek, as long as they can have Internet Access, they could equally benefit just like those in Windhoek.

  11. Thank this is a great idea.

  12. Thank you this is a great idea.

  13. This is remarkable and I fully support this noble effort.

  14. It’s a good idea I thank you, but I have a suggestion that if the school committee can give us a discount on a school fees in order for us parents to afford the data , let’s say e. g those who are paying 1980.90 to pay 1500 so that the 480.00 we can use it of WIFi or… thanks that was my ides

  15. Good idea but paying school which are not really teaching our children is really not fair at least half the monthly payment will do we are not paid also full salaries from our employers so please look into this

  16. How does the parent portal work? Not everyone is receiving emails or texts with necessary information. What is the way forward with regards to online classes?

  17. Thank you, I fully support your effort.

  18. Thank you I am in full support,.

  19. are you currently teaching online? if yes how will i get the information because it seems no information on this platform

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