Sunshine Sports

Sport is a very important part of life as a pupil at Sunshine Private School. We encourage all our pupils to take part in at least one sport at the school as sport helps each individual grow mentally, physically and promotes higher self esteem, self confidence and sense of their own worth. Our school competes at a high level, participating in all sport leagues, inter-school competitions as well as sport festivals. Many of our pupils are selected for regional and national teams. Our coaches are very committed and passionate about their sport and have proven themselves in their field of expertise with very good league/match results. We also encourage our pupils that as much as they would like to win, they must also enjoy and have fun with their peers.


Every 2nd year we get a professional athletics coach to present a coaching course for all our staff members. All the pupils must participate in at least 3 items at the inter-house competition. We use the inter-house athletics results to choose a team who will compete against 14 other schools at the Zone A Athletics Meeting. There another team will be chosen to participate at the Khomas Regional Athletics Meeting. Athletes must then qualify for the National Championships, which is only from U/13 upwards.


The school will introduce a swimming pool in the near future. Swimming will be part of our school curriculum and compulsory to all the pupils therefore each grade will be required to swim once a week during P.E.


Our tennis is divided into 4 groups namely mini-tennis, beginners, intermediate and advanced, each group having their own coach and at least two coaches at the mini-tennis. At the mini-tennis we use smaller rackets and softer balls to encourage rallying. There is not a primary schools tennis league, but matches are organized against other schools and the mini-tennis players also participate at sport festivals.


We have mini-cricket (U/7-9), U/11 and U/13 cricket for boys. The U/11 and U/13 teams compete in the Khomas Primary Schools Cricket League. There was no league for the mini-cricket and we have started to host a mini-cricket league 6 years ago and it is still taking place every year. This mini-cricket league is organized by the Prep School Sports co-ordinator.


We have teams in age groups U/8, U/9, U/10, U/11 and U/12-13 combined. The U/8 and 9 teams compete at sport festivals while the other teams compete at sport festivals and in the Khomas Primary Schools Netball League.


We have teams in age groups U/7-9, U/11 and U/13. The U/7-9 teams compete at sport festivals while the U/11 and U/13 teams compete at sport festivals and in the Khomas Primary Schools Rugby League.


Soccer is one of our main sport codes. We have U/9, U/11 and U/13 teams playing in the Khomas Primary Schools Soccer League. Every year, we have one or more teams winning the league in their respective age group as well as players selected for the Namibian U/13 Schools Soccer Team.


Hockey is one of our main sport codes. We have a boys and a girls team in each age group (U/8, U/10, U/12 and U/14). Our teams participate in the Namibia Hockey Federation Junior League and are very competitive with some teams winning the league and most of our teams finishing in the top 3 of each age group.


We have about 30 pupils participating in chess. We compete in local chess competitions organized by other schools.

Cross Country

We have one cross country event in the year and it is compulsory for all Gr. 4 – 7 pupils. The route is 3-5km long and there are prizes for the top 15 athletes (boys and girls separately) in each grade.


Sunshine private school offers volleyball to all grades at school.


Sunshine private school offers basketball to all grades at school.